Live Blood Analysis

The First Step in Becoming Healthier is Becoming Aware!

You will no longer have to wonder if changes you are making in your diet and nutritional supplementation are working, you will see for yourself on the monitor hooked to the high-tech, ultra-powerful microscope and digital camera!

A complete program will be discussed based on your own personal health requirements. We will cover areas such as diet, supplementation, cleanses, exercise, weight management, sleep improvement, increasing your energy, immune system boosting - all in a natural, safe and healthy way!

Learn about the present state of your health and immune systems as you see your blood on the monitor. This analysis acts as an educational “feedback mechanism”, motivating you to improve your diet, perhaps with the addition of nutritional supplements. Positive changes in the structure of your blood cells and their environment can be viewed over a short period of time. Be sure to come for your follow-up appointment to see the incredible changes and reinforce to yourself that you are improving from the inside out! Tired and weak blood will become strong and powerful. You will feel terrific in just a short time and see the results!

This analysis emphasizes a natural, holistic approach to health-based education, nutrition and exercise. If you feel your health is just not what it could be, or your goal is to lose unwanted fat, increase your energy, avoid family health issues or improve your overall health, a program can be designed for you.

By knowing about the condition of the body’s cells and about the environment in the blood, you will learn how to correct any imbalances and improve your health and lifestyle dramatically!

Step 1 - Initial Review of Your Past and Present Health Issues and Lifestyle

We will discuss, in a safe and clinical environment, your overall state of health. We will review nutritional options to guide you toward a healthier lifestyle. This and helping you understand the many benefits of live blood analysis is offered at no cost.

Step 2 - Blood Typing

An additional “plus” in dealing with your health is knowing your blood type. We can test for this with a finger prick and discuss what you should eat for your blood type. Some foods actually act as poison to certain blood types. You will leave with an understanding of the best food for your optimal health. Why not learn how best to feed your whole family? We blood type children of all ages.

Step 3 - Ultra Darkfield Live Blood Analysis

With this thorough study of your blood health, we will identify imbalances. With a modification to your nutrition and lifestyle, this can be reversed before problems arise.

Step 4 - Return in Only 4 Weeks to See Positive Changes In Your Live Blood!

Healthy Blood

Live Blood Analysis Pricing

Blood typing $20 (tax included)
One hour live $50 (tax included)