When I arrived in Saint John, from Ontario, I was concerned I might not have the same critical amenities required to maintain my already stellar health.  Once I was connected to Micheline at Gentle Hydrotherapy, I knew I was in great hands with better hydrotherapy facilities and care than I'd ever received anywhere internationally.


I've visited Mich. after Christmas, Easter and cruises or just when I feel sluggish for about 5 years, now, for colonics.  She provides the best, most professional and compassionate care I've ever received. 


Allyson McQuinn

DHHP, Diploma Homeopathy

Journeyman in Anthroposophical Orgonomic Physical and Medical Heilkunst,

Author and Publisher



I first experienced Bowen therapy in 2011. I was suffering plantar fasciitis in both feet and had been in great deal of pain for months. Laser, chiropractic, and physio therapy all proved useless in managing my pain. after just three Bowen treatments, I was pain free and I was hooked.


I started seeing Micheline Dube for my Bowen treatments a couple of years later, and I have been going to her for every body pain issue since. Not only is Micheline a brilliant Bowen practitioner who is constantly learning, she is a kind, and caring person who makes me feel comfortable telling her exactly what my problems are. I sometimes go to Micheline when I am at my worst - in pain, and not exactly in my best humour. Micheline always listens i the most compassionate way making me feel relaxed and able to describe in detail everything thatís happening with my body. This, in turn, makes it easier for her to diagnose the cause of my pain and develop the best plan for treatment.


I couldnít recommend Micheline any higher for Bowen therapy.


Andrea Cyr, Radio Personality/ Author